Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 1st Report

It's the start of another month, must mean another report. I am currently at 268.4lbs. Started the month of June at 274.8. Lost 6.4lbs this month, about 3.2lbs short of my goal. My goal had been 10lbs a month. Midpoint, my weight was 271.6, so basically, first half of month, lost 3.2lbs, second half 3.2lbs (consistent weight loss). Well, lets see if i can achieve my 10lbs/month goal in July. June was marked by anniversary celebration, Fathers day celeration, wife birthday so maybe July with one celebration (July 4th) wouldn't be so bad. Expect another report July 15th. Target weight: 268.4 - 5lbs = 263.4.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wesley, Hilda here.....your success is really great. It also serves as an inspiration for the rest of us that are trying to shed some lbs as well.
Good job, man!!!!!